You’re a big PopTart fan, we get it. You self-identify as a no icing purist or the strawberry filling original only. Or you’re all-in on new, paradigm-bending flavors like Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts. Yeah, it’s a thing. Click the link back there.

So here’s a running score on weird PopTart flavors and their availability so far:

Raspberry White Chocolate Pop Tarts

This perennial dessert flavor is perfect as a weird Pop Tart flavor. Alas, it is not yet available. But we will update if the Kelloggs brand execs read this and make a decision to test it (and let us know).

Peach Cobbler Pop Tarts

This perennial late summer dessert flavor — peach cobbler — is an outlier as a weird Pop Tart flavor. Amazingly, it has made it to production and it is available in the market today. See it here

Strawberry Milkshake Pop Tarts

You got your strawberry Pop Tarts, a staple in the Pop Tart world. So going to Strawberry Milkshake flavor is not a giant leap. But Kelloggs went there. Click here to see this one

No Carrot Cake Pop Tarts, kids. Red Velvet Cupake though

Frosted Red Velvet Cupcake Pop Tart flavor

If peach cobbler can be a Pop Tart then clearly Carrot Cake Pop Tarts should be in full production. Yet sadly, not yet. But we are full of hope. This is also the stepbrother to Red Velvet PopTarts, which do exist though they are called Frosted Red Velvet Cupcake PopTarts. If you are going to adapt a dessert flavor to a toaster pastry then, really Carrot Cake Pop Tarts should be on the roster too.

Chocolatey Churro Dia De Muertos Pop Tarts

Day of the Dead PopTarts
Day of the Dead Pop Tarts

It’s the Day of the Dead and you are hankering for a toaster pastry so what favor do you turn to? Yes, a lovely Chocolatey Churro Dia De Muertos PopTart, complete with skull packaging (four styles!). Nothing says hungry at breakfast like a death celebration. It is culturally appropriated breakfast snacks! This limited-edition flavor is not always available, but when it is look here.

Starbucks Sugarless Vanilla Latte Pop Tarts

Rumor has it Starbucks and Kelloggs have been discussing a cross-brand marketing agreement to bring Starbucks flavors to Pop Tarts. We are not sure how true it is. Still, we are not sold on coffee-flavored breakfast pasties. After all, the coffee is supposed to go with the PopTart, not taste like it, right?

Proscuitto and Picked Red Onion Pop Tarts

This is a wild card and more or less a suggestion into the chefy world of PopTarts. I mean savory Pop Tarts, why not? Is Gordon Ramsey available to design one? How about Scott Conant (ok no red onions on this version, as he doesn’t like them)? Then how about Alex Guarnaschelli? She’s the food goddess that might be our PopTart oddball tastemaker here.

Durian Pop Tarts

We know that durian, a fruit from Asia, in the West is a ridiculous and giant joke. Tastes like vomit. Smells like dead bodies. Yaddayadda. It’s kinda of the fruit version of Stilton or blue cheese. But what if PopYarts went all durian and was sold in Asia as Durian Pop Tarts? Green, smelly, breakfast fun!

Durian Pop Tarts anyone?

Mermaid-Flavored Pop Tarts?

If you think we’re joking on this one, we’re not because Mer-Mazing PopTarts are real. The question is do they really taste like mermaids, and what does a mermaid taste like given she’s a mystical critter of the ocean? Well, mermaid lovers, Mer-Mazing Pop Tarts are blue-raspberry flavored according to this Kelloggs website. The packaging looks like it was designed to appeal to little girls in grade school because when I asked my 7-year-old boy about this he made a distressing face and went “Blech, that’s Pop Tarts for girls, Dad.”

mermaid pop tarts
Mermaid flavored Pop Tarts?

Here are more weird PopTart flavors…

If you are into further weird Pop-Tart flavor research then you can start your search here at Kelloggs “all Pop-Tart flavors” page. Or get out your Pop Tart-loving credit card and shop for them on this Amazon Pop Tart page.