Fashion trends from the 90s are making a fierce comeback. Couple a 1990s aesthetic with comfort and functionality, and find yourself in overalls, especially if you are looking for plus-size overalls.

Overalls not only feel great to wear, but they also make completing an entire look easy. Options are limitless when it comes to pairing and styling, making overalls the perfect foundational piece for building a trendy look infused with your personality. Great for all body types, ages, and styles, overalls are the perfect choice for any season.

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Tips on How to Wear Overalls

Our best tip for wearing overalls is to go with what you feel good in. Overalls are a top choice for those who want to remain comfortable, no matter if they are facing a long day of work ahead or spending a chill day on the couch. But, what about those who want to wear overalls fashionably?

Everyone’s style is different, but with the range of styles available on the market, there are overalls out there for you regardless of your personal style. So, stay true to yourself! If you’re generally sporty, find overalls that you can move in. If you’re an artist, snag a pair of white overalls you’re excited to get paint on. And don’t forget the countless ways you can style overalls using the shirts, sweaters, jackets, shoes, and more already in your wardrobe.

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History of overalls

Thomas Edison once said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” However, what once may have been considered the working man’s uniform has evolved numerous times. Overalls are one of the top fashion trends that we can trace throughout history. Depending on the historical period in question, they have been the clothing choice of both the upper class and the lower class.

Denim overalls

Historically, the term overalls was used to describe many garments ranging from undergarments to outerwear. Bib overalls specifically were one of the first specific styles to resemble overalls as we know them today. Bib overalls or dungarees are attached traditionally to the trousers (which, when most people think of overalls, is the first image that comes to mind). From this, there have been several alterations.

Originally, the bib was an extension of the leg piece, aka continuous bib. The alternative was completely separate pieces. At this time, overalls were typically made of denim or heavy canvas. This made them functional as well as water-resistant. This made bibs the perfect option for work, chores around the house, and free-time fishing adventures. While overalls may have originally been geared towards working men, it didn’t take long for this fashion choice to become more than just functional. In fact, the famous Rosie the Riveter image is assumed to be wearing coveralls, an early version of the overall. Not only did this image empower women, but it also gave them a new fashion that was as practical as it was fashionable.

Bib overalls were first mass-produced and patented by Leve Jeans in 1921. Denim specifically became quite popular. Denim was both durable and practical. If we want to take a tour of our history, denim was once used to define lines between social class. There was an unjust perception that denim overalls were for the poorer classes.

In the 1960s, denim overalls were used to symbolize how little was done since reconstruction. Overalls come to represent an unnecessary divide across classes in America. Denim became a look for inclusivity. Today, denim overalls still retain their rich history. And, of course, they still remain a practical look that is great for any size, age, or gender of the wearer.

Linen overalls

When it comes to overalls, there is no need to feel locked into denim. Linen overalls were once considered the top choice for the upper class. Linen overalls are available in a variety of colors. They are also highly durable. Linen is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers, even more durable than cotton.

Linen is a great choice because it won’t lose its shape. It is also softer than most materials. Linen is considered hypoallergenic, making it a great option for people who have to manage different skin allergies and conditions. Linen is breathable, making it the perfect fabric for spring and summer. Linen is also a more environmentally friendly choice, making it popular for those who value sustainability.

Corduroy overalls have style

Historically, corduroy is one of the most controversial materials. It may be the most popular option at one moment and quickly fall out of grace the next. Corduroy can be traced back to ancient Egypt. At one point, corduroy was associated with the Catholic church. This fabric was associated with high-minded purposes while simultaneously being associated with working-class living.

 Corduroys spent most of their history back and forth in popularity, hitting one of their peaks in the 1970s. At this time, this fabric was considered luxurious as well as functional. It was perfect for any occasion, whether you were looking to dress up or dress down. Since the 1970s, it has made a resurgence. People can once again appreciate both the style, color options, practicality, and comfort that come with choosing this type of fabric.

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American Flag Overalls

There is no denying the popularity of American flag clothing, especially around the 4th of July. Overalls have been a popular clothing choice for many years. This means that they have seen every major fashion trend for decades. One fashion trend that remains popular to this day is leaning into Americana. When it comes down to it, you can find overalls in any style imaginable, including the stars and stripes. From fabric to color and pattern, there is an overall option that suits your needs. See these plus size American flag overalls.

Why Overalls are Great for Plus Size

Shopping for plus-size clothing can be difficult. Plus-size women are often taught to seek out clothing that will hide their bodies. Many have even been told that certain fashion pieces just aren’t for them. This couldn’t be less true! All fashion is for all bodies—especially overalls. Overalls are a great fashion choice, whether you want to cover up or flaunt what you’ve got. Looser overalls over a turtleneck or sweater can feel like a warm embrace, providing full coverage for girls who feel insecure. Whereas tighter overalls can hug your curves, and shorts-overalls can put them on full display.

It’s hard to determine exactly what the secret is, but something about overalls just work for any size. Now that the bulky overalls of the past are long gone, replaced by more accommodating overalls than ever before, it is so much easier to find a perfect fit. That said, a lot of clothing can be misleading for the plus-size shopper.

There are overwhelming numbers of sites that promise their options are comfortable, flattering, and accommodating. Oftentimes, these promises don’t add up. So, keep in mind that a good pair will be comfortable, flattering, and accommodating. With overalls, the worry of going with a specific brand dwindles. The only main guideline when buying overalls is the suggestion to purchase a size up for ultimate comfort. Size your overalls, knowing that there is room to adjust at the center and at the shoulders for length.

Many plus-sized shoppers are also concerned about color. If you’re interested in darker colors for their slimming effect, you can’t go wrong with black. Black overalls can also bring a sense of sophistication to any look, whether you’re plus-sized or straight-sized, especially when paired with heels.

Who Makes Plus Size Overalls and Where Can I Buy Them

Historically, overalls were originally made of denim. From there, corduroy and chino came to popularity. When it comes to purchasing overalls today, the possibilities are endless. A large factor is whether you are looking for functionality or style. Some of the top options include:

  • Carhartt – This brand is a well-known name in workwear. Carhartt is made in the U.S., and their clothing options range from all types of underwear to outerwear, all guaranteeing the ability to withstand whatever weather and workload you are facing. This clothing, made in the U.S., is tough, durable, and often insulated. See overalls here.
  • Roundhouse – This is one of the oldest and largest brands that offer overall options. There is a wide selection of clothing, making it easy to find whatever you need – especially overalls for men.
  • Old Navy – This clothing brand offers it all. Including overalls in both regular and plus-size options. They provide overall options that range in color, style, and durability. For the casual fashion wearer, this is a one-stop-shop for everything that you might need.
  • Amazon – Yes, Amazon literally has it all! Amazon provides a wide range of overall selections. This includes all different types of materials, as well as different sizes. For the most part, sizes range up to 4x. Amazon also allows the Prime option, meaning you only have to wait a couple of days before reinventing your wardrobe.
  • Torrid – When it comes to plus-size shopping, Torrid is a leading company in all things fashion. Their site offers a wide variety of overall options, all geared to perfectly complement your personal style.

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As we move into 2022, fashion trends continue to call for comfort. Luckily, overalls are still here to supply that comfort, and bodies of every age, gender, and size look fantastic in them. You can commit to the full bib, go for overall shorts, or even switch it up with a dressy look. The biggest takeaway is that (while they may have a long and storied history) overalls are never going to go completely out of style, so it can’t hurt to have a pair or two in your closet. Whether you are looking for denim, corduroy, patterned, or linen, the overalls of your dreams are out there.