Most famous people — or at least fashion icons — would not be caught dead in anything striped. Unless of course, they are Waldo, from Where’s Waldo fame, but he’s a cartoon from a book. An there is Beetlejuice and his eponymous vertical zebra Beetlejuice pants.

Still, there are no women in recent memory that would wear anything striped, least of all a striped bikini.

Yet the Internet is full of e-commerce stores, and we’re taking big brands – like Amazon and Nordstroms- that are touting striped bikinis as if somehow they are coming back into fashion.

Stripes are apparently oh so very 2013. No really. According to Fashion Magazine “we can’t think of a time when stripes weren’t in, they are certainly back in a big way for Spring 2013.”

Amazon striped biniki products
Amazon striped bikinis

Well it is almost a decade later (2021 as we publish this) and stripped bikinis are suddenly all over the Internet. Maybe the Fashion mag folks are right, stripes never go out of style.

U.S. skating star Erica Archambault once said: “Don’t be afraid of horizontal stripes.”

And SpongeBob Square Pants concurred with: “The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.”

So if skaters and sponges said those things maybe striped bikinis are ok.

It may be safe to say that the striped bikini trend resurgence may be a tribute to the rise of the Beach Culture in the middle of the last century. Everything on the beach was striped, from women’s beach dresses, tents, and even men’s bathing suits. As the beach destination became more affordable, the budget class would adopt striped upper-class styles. Stripes on the beach set were seen as tres chic. Although once the 1970s and 1980s rolled around the popularity of striped fashion.

Regardless of if you think stripes are hot or not, they seem to be trending in e-commerce. Here are a few places to look…

Striped Bikinis on Amazon

We like this animal print zebra striped bikini top.
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Striped bikinis at Nordstroms

These striped bikinis rock at Nordstroms. Check them out.

Striped Bikinis on Etsy

We are grooving on these striped bikinis on Etsy. Also see this page for more Etsy striped bikinis though most of these are high wasted.